Threshold Wheelchair Ramps

Aluminum Threshold Wheelchair Ramps

Made out of aluminium. Perfect for small thresholds. Pickup is available or call to discuss delivery options.

Product Details

Aluminum Threshold Ramps
Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, our aluminum threshold ramps are designed to provide safe and easy access over door thresholds up to 2 inches in height. The lightweight aluminum ramps can withstand extreme weights, will never rust or corrode, and come with a durable, anti-sop surface for safe, continuous travel.

Curb and Butt Ramps
Heavy-duty ramps can hold extreme weights up to 1,000. Made of lightweight, high-strength aluminum components, our ramps are built to withstand a lifetime of everyday use and will never rust or corrode. The included selfadjusting bevel creates a safe, smooth transition from most surfaces onto to the ramp.

  • 2 "
  • 1.5 "
  • 1 "

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