Reclaim Your Independence with Senior Home Solutions’ Wheelchair Ramps

Regaining your mobility and independence can be easy with mobility products from Senior Home Solutions. Our most popular product, aluminum wheelchair ramp systems, can be customized and installed  to fit your exact specifications. 

The process of purchasing a wheelchair ramp or setting up a wheelchair ramp rental begins with the customer either submitting a callback form on our website or calling us directly. Over the phone, we can give preliminary pricing information and wheelchair ramp installation timeframe depending on our in-stock inventory. Once the customer gives us the green light to proceed with the wheelchair ramp installation, we schedule the customer for installation. Senior Home Solutions’ promise to every customer is that every ramp installation we do is completed within 48 hours of initial contact. 

Our wheelchair ramp installation teams arrive at 8 am on site and typically complete your wheelchair ramp installation within 2-4 hours. Installation begins with a rough layout of the ramp system, which proceeds into the initial platform assembly at the door of your home. We follow ADA guidelines, which specify that a flat platform is required at the door for every wheelchair ramp. For larger ramps, an additional platform is also required if the length of the wheelchair ramp exceeds 30 feet. For every inch of rise from the ground to the door threshold, one foot of ramp is required. For example, if there are 20 inches of rise from the ground to the door threshold, 20 feet of ramp is required. 

The wheelchair ramp installation transitions to the ramp sections after the platform at the door is set. Crossmembers are used underneath the ramp to provide support and a bilateral handrail is installed for customer support while the wheelchair ramp is in use. The ramp is assembled using aircraft-grade aluminum nuts and bolts to provide ample support for the user. The wheelchair ramp then ends on a surface determined by the customer and installers, usually a three-foot concrete area like a walkway, or driveway. After assembly of the bilateral handrail and some end caps the wheelchair ramp installation is complete!

Our payment process is easy and simple, we take nearly all forms of payment and can save a credit card under file for automatic payments if requested. We at Senior Home Solutions strive to make your wheelchair ramp rental process as simple as possible so our customers can get back on the road to recovery!

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